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Shi Laide (The first person on the right), the director of Department of Science and Research, Tongji University, professor Shen Huaying (The 4th person on the right)et al. Experts accompanied by shen jianxin, the company’s general manager to do technical guiding on the spot of Hailong board production.

In September 1992, Haining City Pepole’s Government and Shanghai Tongji University signed Agreement on Economic and technical cooperation in Haining. The competition of enterprise in future is one of enterprise culture, Hailong Person being wise, steadfast and competent advocates the connotation of enterprise culture, emphasizes team’s solidarity and collaboration and the spirit of absolute sincerity and high efficacy, organize the employees to carry out exchange and training so as to raise the quality of all employees, develop colorful and rich employees’ activities to promote exchange and collaboration, make the team to be full of enthusiasm and each member to be full of courage and dashing spirit.
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