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Hailong cement fiber board
With high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content, Hailong cement fiber board was made with forming by advanced technique and technological process and through high temperature and high pressure maintenance, and special treatment.
Main mechanical performance and indexes of Hailong cement fiber board
Name of Product Density
Antiflex cracking strength
Water adsorption rate
Water Impermeability Freezing resistance Incombustibility Radioactivity
Cement fiber board 1.1~1.4 14 35 Through water immersing for 24th, no water drop appeared on bottom surface Through cyclically freezing and melting 25 times, no damage stratification Conforming to
GB8624 A Class
Conforming to
GB6566-2001A Class
1.4~1.7 18 26
Selectable other specifications
Selectable abrasive finishing on right surface
1、Excellent fire-proof performance
4、High strength
2、Excellent damp-proof performance
5、Stable dimensions
3、Durability and long service life
6、Good heat and sound insulation
1、Internal and external       wall bodies
2、Furred ceiling
3、Sound-adsorbing       wall body
4、Sound-adsorbing       furred ceiling
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